Match Report

Heaters firing on all cylinders, and debris successfully cleared from a recent ceiling collapse allowed the two teams to get off to a quick start. Captain Fell came armed with Awais Muhammed to spearhead his attack. Perhaps nervous at the improving form of their hosts! Throughout the evening Awais thrilled with his usual expertise earning himself a triple as well as a shared win in the doubles.There is no shame in losing 11-0 to Awais!! Tony Remes dropped two games to Dave Hatcher and Nigel Payne although, by his own admissìon he arrived feeling below par.

A welcome relief came mid evening with a brief interval when double rations of high calorie chocolate biscuits were served thanks to Geoff and Tim. The doubles were keenly contested and some respectable points won by the hosts before losing all games to the visitors. The highlight of the evening was the much hyped battle between Henleys' number 1 Nigel Payne and Captain Tim Fell. Captain Fell made most of the play, mixing up his shots which were repeatedly met by Nigels' brickwall push defence. Rallies consistently went to 30 plus exchanges. Occasionally Nigel produced an exocet-like forehand smash leaving the excellent Tim Fell somewhat flat footed and rooted to the floor. Such was the tension, Tony Remes could only look on head in hands peeking through his fingers.This match alone lasted 35 nail biting minutes. Nigel clinched victory in the fourth set. A final scoreline of 7-3 in favour of Shottery 'B' was a fair reflection of the nights play.

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