Match Report

On the day that the table tennis community locally was saddened to learn of the death of highly regarded coach and administrator Ron Anson , it was fitting that Colebridge should host one of Rons West Warwickshire contemporaries , 84 year old Pete Rodwell. 

Rodwell is one third of the remarkable trio of FISSC Vets , whose other members are George Mudie, aged 83 and Brian Marston , a mere stripling of 81.

There can be few (if any?) league teams in the country who can boast an aggregate age of 248.

That they should still relish the simple pleasures of knocking a 42 millimetre ball over a six inch high net is a tribute to both their extraordinary zest and the enduring qualities of this great sport. 

It was a privilege to make their acquaintance once again , and may they continue to enjoy their table tennis for many years to come.

Written by:Mike Evetts
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