Match Report

Bursting with hope, Henley took on Stratford A in their first home match. 
With a new season ahead, a new team name, a new captain and the promise of a new state-of-the art Pavilion, the runes were looking good for Henley!
However their enthusiasm soon cooled when they found they could only field a team of two and their unfinished pavilion resembled
Steptoes Yard on a bad day!
Undaunted, they fought on and the match progressed to a 0-10 loss despite some team success and flair from Peter Quince.
Peter entertained us with some amazing rallies against Peter Barrow and Debby Barrow. He also took Richard Grover to 5 in the singles
and a single game was won by Henley in the doubles. The only way is up. Watch this space.
Written by:Mike Evetts
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