Match Report

It was a family affair at Henley last night when father and son Ian and Harry Nash together with Ollie Rowlands (chaperoned by dad Colin) paid us a visit.
Fledgling team, Stratford 'D', although full of promise were unable to master the wily spins and deception learnt by Henley over many decades!
Unfortunately Henley could only muster a team of two as stalwarts Captain Nigel and the sprightly Geoff had taken well earned holidays in the Canaries!
The match progressed to a full house for Henley although the score masked some spirited and attacking play from both sides. Peter Quince and Dave Hatcher
both notched up trebles for the first time this season. Only Ian Nash troubled Peter Quince in the only game going to 5 sets. Special thanks go to Colin and Ollie, armed with dustpan and brush for willingly helping us to 'get ready' for the evenings' entertainment. Stratford 'D' are definitely a team with an exciting future especially having the benefit of coaching from big hitter Kevin Taylor.
Written by:Richard Grover
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