Match Report

If any contest was evenly matched it was last nights' gladiatorial battle between  Henley and visitors Ashorne. Although the final score of 2-8 did not reflect this with 5 games going to 5 hard fought sets. The first 3 games were taken in style by debut Len Coonan, recent import from the Leamington league. NIgel Payne took Len (brother of Ashornes' Jack Coonan) to a 5th set before finally losing to him 4-11. Len cruised past Dave Hatcher and Pete Quince before having to leave due to a pre-existing work commitment.
Henley picked up their first point when Nigel pipped Mark Bridgeman in the 5th set. Henley picked up a second point after a tussle between Nigel and Roger Pye. Roger obviously flagging at this late stage in the evening. The doubles again went to 5 with Roger and Mark pressing home with some superb long forehand drives.
Written by:Mike Evetts
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