Coaching courses available

Introductory coaching course and CPD version for teachers

This course aims to provide the skills to become a coaching assistant to help at coaching sessions usually where a Level 1 or 2 coach leads or to supervise e.g. lunchtime clubs in schools. There is also a version of this course specifically designed for teachers to take as part of their Continuing Professional Development. The course takes only a few hours during one day. if you are interested, please email .

Coaching assistants are typically parents, senior pupils, teachers, sports centre staff. No great skill at table tennis is required.

UKCC Level 1 course

UKCC Level 1 coaches will usually be reasonable recreational players and after gaining some experience will be able to lead sessions with one or more coaching assistants to help.

UKCC Level 2 course

UKCC Level 2 coaches will have a good technical knowledge of the sport and be able to develop younger players to competitive standard.

More details of Level 1 and 2 courses and how to apply can be found on the TTS website

Please contact if you are interested in taking a coaching course.

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