If everyone follows our quick guide to tournament etiquette then the event should run to schedule.

  1. Notify the control table upon your arrival.
  2. Arrive promptly at your appointed table when your name is called, tables will be numbered 1 to 8.
  3. Collect and return score sheets promptly from/to control table (inquest into the reason you lost can wait).
  4. The loser in knockout stages is expected to umpire next match.
  5. Let the control table know if you are leaving the hall at any time if you are still involved in any events.
  6. Please do not stand in front of or around the control table as the personnel on the control table need to have good vision to all tables at all times.
  7. It would be very much appreciated if you remember that running a tournament is a big task and no one at the control table needs the task made more difficult by continually being asked questions especially “when am I playing next”
NameClubStart Start
Dan AndersonCold Norton1pm9am
Eric GreenCold Norton1pm10.45am     
Neil WantCold Norton12.30pm     9am
Sam LowmanCold Norton1pm9.45am
Minda SinkusCold Nortonx9.45am
Stephen MaltbyCold Norton12.30pm9am
Duncan TaylorCold Nortonx9.45am
Dave HancoxCold Norton9am9am
Keith AdamsFambridgex9.45am
Gary YoungFambridge12.30pm9.45am
Peter MynardFambridge12.30pm9.45am
Peter BallardFambridge12.30pm9am
Gurjit BhambraFambridgex9.45am
Colin NapperMaldon1pm9am
Shirley CarrollMaldonx9am
Steve WhiteleyMaldon12.30pm9am
Ciaran WhelanMaldon12.30pm9am
Steve ScholzMaldon12.30pm9am
Mervyn PerrimanMaldon9amx
Roger HanceMaldon9am9am
Dawn BaldryMaldon1pm9am
Brian RiedlingMaldon1pm9am
Kath LittleMaldon U3A     9.45am9am
Phil WestMaldon U3A9.45amx
Alan MillsMaldon U3A9.45am9am
George ReevesMapledenex10.45am
Charles SweeneyMapledenex9.45am
Kevin ReadMapledenex9.45am
John TendlerMapledene12.30pm9am
Barrie DelfMapledene12.30pm9.45am
Matthew RolfeMapledene1pm9am
Reece SeddonMapledene1pm9am
Ben MatthewsMapledene1pm9.45am
Chris JacobMapledenex9.45am
Sue BodyMapledene12.30pm9am
Steve MuthMapledenex10.45am
Babul McLeodMapledene12.30pm9.45am
Simon JacobMapledenex9.45am
Glenn JohnsonMapledene12.30pm9.45am
Martin KnightsStow Maries10amx
John KnightsStow Maries9.45amx
Brian EllisStow Maries9.45amx
David Oxley-GoodyStow Maries9am11.45am
Ken SheardStow Maries9amx
Eamonn HallSWF9amx
Luca BaileySWF9am9am
Allan SteelSWF9am9am
Mitchell DaviesSWF9amx
Ben Porter SWF9amx
Alex PorterSWF9amx
Vince GurneySWF9am9am
Alex WilsonSWF9amx
George AshleySWF9am9am
Kieran StanleySWF9amx
David GatheralSWF12.30pm9am
Val BoardSWF10amx
Alan BurgessSWFx9am
Lee McHughSWF12.30pm9.45am
Michael BurtonSWF10am11.45am
Barry EvansWest Maldon9am9am
Sam Mortimer-Ford     West Maldon9amx
Neil FreemanWest Maldon10am9am
Nick DuceWest Maldon9amx
Gavin PriceWest Maldonx9.45am
Noah SageWest Maldon9amx
Daniel YoungWest Maldon9am9am
Colin BarhamWest Maldon9amx
Victor ChanWest Maldon10.20am9am
Oliver WylieWest Maldon9amx
Louis GunnWest Maldon9am9am
Tim HuxtableWest Maldon9am9am
Blaydon FarmerWest Maldon9amx
Toby HawkesWest Maldon9amx
Edward ValeWest Maldon9amx
Elliot GordonWest Maldon9amx
Hugh MillardWest Maldon9amx
Peter MortensenWest Maldon10.20amx
Glen LaingWest Maldon12.30pmx
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