Following government and TTE advice concerning the COVID-19 virus the league has suspended the League Tournament, Junior Tournament, Finals Night and KO Cup Final

2019-2020 Draw

Please note some handicaps have been adjusted

 1st Round2nd Round
3rd RoundSemi finalsFinal Winners
 w/c 9 Decw/c 20 Jan
w/c 10 Febw/c 2 March23 MarchWinners
1Natland CNatland C
Burton C
Burton C


3xxxBurton C
5xxxCrook B
Crook A
7xxxCrook A
9xxxKirkby StephenKirkby Stephen
11xxxNatland B
14Natland A
17xxxCrook CBurton A
Natland D
Grayrigg A
19xxxBurton A
21xxxNatland D
Natland D
23xxxBurton D
25Natland ENatland E
Natland E
Grayrigg A
26Grayrigg B
27xxxBurton B
29xxxGrayrigg AGrayrigg A
31xxxCrook D



Rules of Knock Out Cup

1. The matches shall be played on or before the date fixed by the Competitions Committee.  The home team shall be responsible for arranging the match.

2. The handicaps for individual players shall be decided by the Handicap Committee.

3. The competition will be played in accordance with the League Rules. Where the handicap difference exceeds 6 points, each game shall be played to the handicap difference plus 5 points. In all cases, after deuce only one point is required to win the game.

4. The matches will be played in accordance with Rule 11, except that no doubles shall be played.

5. A player may only play  -

i) for one team in the Competition

ii) for a team in the Division in which he is registered, or at the discretion of the Match Secretary

iii) In the event of a genuine emergency (such as a last minute injury and no-one genuinely able to step in) then a player from a lower division will be allowed to play up if permission is given by the Match Secretary.  However, that player must not play with a handicap lower than the lowest handicap given to any player in the higher division.  For example, Player X, a Div 2 player on a handicap of +2, wishes to play up for a Div 1 team.  The lowest handicap for players registered in Div 1 is -1, so player X must adopt this handicap throughout the KO Cup competition.

6. The entry fee of £4, or as determined by Council, shall accompany the entry form.

7. Appeals, protests or claims relating to the Knock Out competition shall be submitted in writing to the Hon. General Secretary within 7 days of the match being play

8. The result of a League Match cannot be used to decide the result of either a Divisional Shield Match or a Knock Out Match, unless both teams agree.

        Please note the following dates relating to this season’s competition: 

        1st Round to be played w/c 

        2nd Round to be played w/c 

        3rd Round to be played w/c 

        Semi Final to be played w/c     

        Final at Burton on Wednesday 

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