How to Complete and Return Digital Scorecards

  1.  Delete any old copies of the scorecard
  2.  Download new DIGITAL version by clicking this link
  3.  Open scorecard in Adobe Reader
  4.  Fill in scorecard
  5.  At the bottom of the page click the 'Save' button, DO NOT CLICK THE SUBMIT FORM BUTTON
  6.  Name and Save the file as per the format detailed to your computer
  7.  Attach file in your email and send to the Division Manager

Please take careful note of the following:

1. All secretaries MUST submit digital scorecards to League Managers (details below). No other format will be accepted.

2. Scorecards must reach League Managers by 6.30pm on Sunday evening following match. Should the League Manager not receive the scorecard by that time, then the match will be awarded to the away team.

Please submit digital scorecards to your League Manager.

Division One. Drew McCavitt:-

Division Two. Robbie McIntosh:-

Division Three. Gary McAlpine:-

Division Four. Mikey Montgomery:-

3. Due to a few problems with regards to postponed matches, secretaries must contact the Match Secretary to request a postponement. The Match Secretary will act as an intermediary between the teams and, where possible, will set a date agreeable to both parties. 

4. With regard to "Recreational" players, I submit this extract from the minutes of the recent WoSSTL committee meeting:

Recreational players may participate in any number of matches. Games won by recreational players will be void until such time as they register. Only games won by recreational players after they register will gain points. A payment to the League of £2 per match will be due for recreational players.


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