Handicap Trophy Rules


PLEASE CHECK BEFORE EACH ROUND. Club Secretaries are provided with player handicap lists.


THE ALLEN COOPER TROPHY is played as 2 LEGS both up to 21 POINTS

It remains there is NO DEUCE. It is first to 21 and then leg ends.

It remains service change over is every 5 points.

There is A Player Handicap Difference Chart. 

Handicap points are per GAME (not per leg). 

This season no teams are eliminated after the two qualification rounds. 



This handicap competition for all teams is run in Allen’s memory. He was a gifted all rounder, a left hander and a great competitor. He served on the Maidstone committee from the 1983 and took up the Chair until his early passing in 1997. He played with a smile on his face and if he could speak to you now he would urge you to have fun playing.


The MDTTA league rules apply except:

Player Qualification

1.1. Applies as defined in the league rules but Handicap matches do not count towards the number of matches that changes or affects a players league status.

1.2. Where a full team cannot be fielded, due to such as injury or illness, a player from one of their higher teams may be used in a lower team.

2. Competition Format

2.1. Two Qualification Rounds (Q1 and Q2). All teams play in these first two rounds. In both of these rounds division 1 teams play a division 2 team, division 3 teams play a division 4 team, as far as is possible. In the event of an odd number of teams one shall receive a bye. No team shall have two byes. 

2.2. Knockout Rounds. In Rd32 the 16 highest scoring teams in the two Qualification rounds will receive a home tie (subject to venue capacity) but otherwise it will be open draw for each round.

3. Matches Format 

3.1. Nine singles games will be played but no doubles will be played. All nine games must be played in the Q1 and Q2 rounds.

3.2. Each game is of 2 legs, both to 21 points (no deuce is played ie first to 21 ends leg). 

3.3. Each leg starts at 0-0. Service change is every 5 points.The score for each leg is the points won in play (eg 21-15, 21-19). 

3.4. Each player receives an Individual Handicap. This is calculated using player rating points as listed on the Handicap Chart. This Handicap is Points Per Game (not per leg) and remains the same for each game in a match. 

3.5. Each game score is the sum of the total points for the two leg scores eg. 21-15, 21-19 plus the Handicap Points Per Game eg 14-20 = 56-54.

3.6. The match score is the sum of the nine game scores. The winner is the team with most match score points.

3.7. Where a match is drawn/tied on total points in the Knockout rounds it is decided by the most games won (ie most total points in game giving result of 5-4, 6-3 etc). The result as an example is 554-554 (6-3). In the qualifying rounds Q1 and Q2 a drawn/tied match is permitted and does need deciding by games won.

3.8. The teams to progress to Rd32 is decided by the highest average match score points (ie sum of matches played in Q1 and Q2 divided by number of matches played eg {540+498}/2=519 or for a team with a bye {540+bye}/1=540).

3.9. In all rounds any match where a team plays with only 2 players the score shall be assessed as follows: all games for players present shall be played. Where only one team has two players that is 6 games.

The defaulting team shall score the total points of the 6 games The non defaulting team shall score the total points of the 6 games x 9/6 to give their total points.

3.10. In Q1 and Q2 where a match is not played the defaulting team shall score 0 and the non defaulting team shall receive the average score of the total of all the teams in their division. In the knockout stage the match is awarded to the non defaulting team.

3.11. When an approved postponement or rearrangement occurs it is conditional on the match being played before the date of the next round of matches.

4. Results

4.1. The home team shall keep a copy of the match scorecard and shall retain the card until after the next round. If there is a query a scorecard may be called in by the Handicap Coordinator for assessment.

4.2. The home team shall send the Match Score (eg MWMC A 540 Trosley B 548) electronically (text or email) to the Coordinator not later than the weekend in which match is played. An acknowledgement of receipt will not normally be sent. 

5. Handicaps

5.1. The Handicap Chart is used to establish player handicaps.

5.2. Player handicaps will be set in the week preceding each round and notified to Club Secretaries. The handicaps will also normally be posted on the website. 

5.3. Handicaps will not normally be altered from the calculated points given to each player, unless a significant error (>3pts) clearly exists due to special circumstances (such as new player whose standard is uncertain). 

5.4. Should you have any query please contact the Handicap Coordinator.


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