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Please click on (Is your service legal above to view the video ) this is illustrating the legal way to serve in matches.


 Seventh Bristol 1 Star Website Entry Form.pdf ...


 National Welsh Open Veterans Rating Tournament application form 2019.pdf ...


Future Fixtures

Source: Division 3

Rearranged: Civil Service Buccaneers

Page Editors vs C S Gladiators

Source: Division 6

Rearranged: Page Editors

Bristol Club B vs Winterbourne

Source: Division 6

Rearranged: Winterbourne

Source: Premier

Rearranged: Portishead Surfers 2

Source: Division 1

Rearranged: St George Dragons

Southmead Merlins vs Almonds F

Source: Division 3

Rearranged: Almonds F

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