Final Date Thursday 3rd May

                                                GILBERT BELSTEN MEMORIAL CUP COMPETITION

                                                       Organiser: Martin Moore (Tel: 0117 986 6171)

1. This competition shall be organised by the Bristol and District Table Tennis Association and shall be

open to any affiliated English Table Tennis Association Club who may be deemed eligible to enter by

the Executive Committee. (All Clubs affiliated to BDTTA are entitled to enter one team).

2. Teams shall consist of 3 players, who shall play the 3 players of the opposing side one set each,

 the best of five games. The order of play shall then be as shown on the match score

 sheet and may only be altered by mutual agreement of captains.

3. The "home" team shall contact their opponents within 6 days of notification of the tie,

 and offer two dates (not Saturdays or Sundays except by prior agreement) on which the

match could be played. The "away" team must reply within 4 days of receiving the offered dates.

4. The winning team shall send in the score sheet to reach the Organiser within 7 days after the completion of the match.

5. A player may play for only one team in this competition in any one season.

6. Any questions, disputes etc., should be referred to the Organiser and may be dealt with by the Executive Committee. Failure to comply with the competition rules could result in the

 imposition of fines or the loss of sets.

7. The Gilbert Belsten Memorial Cup shall be held for one year. Three individual awards

 shall be provided annually by the Association to both the winning team and the runners-up. 

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