Player Of The Match > How it works

Each match card can have a player of the match selected.

The player can be selected by the administrator entering the score, based on a selection marked on the match card, if your league supports this; or

The administrator can select a player based on their opinion of the match result, when this happens the computer automatically makes a suggestion for player of the match based on the following calculation:

  • Sets For
    (the number of sets the player wins in the whole match)
  • if tied on the above, then by the least games against
    (the number of games (ends, rubbers) against, in the whole match)
  • if tied on the above, then by the biggest points difference
    (the difference in the number of points for and against, in the whole match)
  • if tied on the above, then by the most games for
    (the number of games (ends, rubbers) for, in the whole match)

Note: Doubles matches are not counted in these calculations.

Player of the match > Senior Winter 2018-19 > Premier
Player Team Played
Dave Reeves Failand B 15
Kai Moosmann Filton Brigands 13
Joe Ratajczak Portishead Surfers 13
David Hadley Knowle And Brislington A 11
Anthony Kent Thornbury A 8
Dan Ives Thornbury A 6
James Rule Civil Service Saracens 6
Sasidharan Anandraj Hcc B 6
Gary Baldwin Failand A 5
Rob Millard Cleeve And Claverham Adders 4
Brian Reeves Failand A 4
Patrick Macfarlane Knowle And Brislington B 4
Kevin Edwards Nailsea Panthers 3
Alex Kearney Failand B 3
Emmanuel Le Boulbar Civil Service Saracens 2
Bhargav Uday Chandra Thornbury A 2
Hugh Dalton Knowle And Brislington A 2
Lloyd Gregory Thornbury A 2
Emma Rose Failand A 2
Alan Champneys Hcc A 2
Robin Kendall Civil Service Saracens 2
Lee Thomas Almonds Wales 2
Clive Ellison Filton Brigands 2
Dean Sully Portishead Surfers 2
Addi Duhan Hcc A 2
Scott Cooper Knowle And Brislington B 2
Daniel Nilsson Almonds Wales 2
Matt Squires Almonds Wales 1
Michele Reeves Failand B 1
Rick Jemmott Nailsea Panthers 1
Ben Chen Cleeve And Claverham Mambas 1
Andrew Hodges Nailsea Panthers 1
Raymond Goulding Almonds Wales 1
Abubaker Salehbhai Almonds Wales 1
Nicholas Branch Hcc A 1
Martin Gunn Failand A 1
Louis Price Civil Service Warriors 1
Neil Wrigglesworth Knowle And Brislington A 1
David Busari Thornbury A 1
Steve Bettison Cleeve And Claverham Adders 1
Dave Harvey Failand A 1
Lee Phillips Nailsea Panthers 1
David Adamson Knowle And Brislington A 1
Mike Bishop Nailsea Panthers 1
Daniel James Harris Hcc B 1
Marcin Szram Cleeve And Claverham Mambas 1
Miguel Oliveira Civil Service Saracens 1
Terry Parkins Nailsea Panthers 1
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Player of the match > Senior Winter 2018-19 > Division 2
Player Team Played
Simon Jago Fromeside C 15
Bill Atkinson Cleeve And Claverham Boas 11
Stephen Doidge Portishead Destroyers 10
Julian Roland Pinkett Filton Olympus 9
Michael Forde Westbury Dingoes 8
Tibor Lakomy Portishead Steamers 7
David Boyes Almonds C 6
Jessica Orlik Knowle And Brislington C 6
Kevan Hooper Bristol Club A 6
Raymond Hall Hcc D 5
Paul Brana-Martin Civil Service Spartans 4
Paul Willmott Westbury Dingoes 3
Akram Elnour Civil Service Spartans 3
Andrew Boucher Hcc D 3
Thomas West Nailsea Tigers 3
Darron Jones Knowle And Brislington C 3
Richard Cable C S Saxons 3
David Boozari Portishead Steamers 3
Matthew Currant Hcc D 3
Kevin Hinett Almonds C 2
John Chivers Portishead Steamers 2
Yingrui Qian Filton Olympus 2
Mark Ratajczak Portishead Destroyers 2
Matthew Bridgewater Nailsea Ocelots 1
Jun Cui Filton Olympus 1
Georges Chabbert Cleeve And Claverham Cobras 1
Jake Tucker Portishead Stingrays 1
Brendan Payne Knowle And Brislington C 1
Derek Connop Portishead Steamers 1
Andrew Wakefield Nailsea Tigers 1
Chris Adamek Civil Service Spartans 1
Gareth Edmunds Portishead Steamers 1
Martyn William Millard Hcc D 1
Garry Clothier Fromeside C 1
Simon Monks Hcc D 1
Lorenz Fritsch Civil Service Spartans 1
Beth Atkinson Cleeve And Claverham Boas 1
Tony Clothier Fromeside C 1
Ray Jenkins Portishead Stingrays 1
Dave Stratford Almonds C 1
Stephen Allen Civil Service Spartans 1
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