Online entry of score sheets


 Procedure for entering results on TT365

 Results need to be input via the TT365 Admin website at:

 Right click on the link and click open hyperlink

If the link does not work copy and paste or type it into your browser.

 You will then need to log on.  Enter your TT England number. Enter your password; if you have forgotten your password go through the resetting procedure. Once you have logged on you will see the score sheet document with your name on it and any score sheets pending for your team.

 Select player names from the drop down menus and enter the scores. Enter lower scores first up to 10, the eleven will enter automatically. Scores above ie:- 11-13 or 12-14 you have to enter in full. Once all results are entered select Next. The system will then show you an overview of the results entered and will alert you to any rule violations with the scores. If there are none and you are happy with your entries select Finalise.

 When the team have entered the result it will be submitted, and it will then go live on the web site. We may start off the 2021-22 season with allowing submission with  automatic approval. There will be a need to mirror results on the TT365 and TT Leagues systems and we will be experimenting with how best to achieve this. We do not have a problem with the results being entered onto both systems provided they are inline. If you have a problem entering scores on TT365 then try entering on TT leagues as an alternative before contacting the administrator.

 It is recommended that opposing teams check the entered scores for any errors, which should then be notified to the league administrator.


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