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 Postponement Form.doc


            In order to assist administration this form must be sent to the administrator of                                                             postponements with your email postponement request.

With the word doc form each box has to be filled in.

The information is needed to fully reference which match has been postponed and will avoid the need to try to identify the match in question based on incomplete information.

Please be considerate when requesting postponements. Do not leave the postponement until the last moment when it is known well in advance that a postponement will be needed.

If a late postponement is unavoidable please contact the opposition by phone to make sure they have received the notification, and do not assume that an email or letter has been received and read in time.

If possible contact opponents by phone as well as by correspondence don't assume emails have been seen or arrived.

Try to bring matches forward rather than postpone

Please work within Rules 38, 39 and 40 described in detail in the hand book.




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