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CSSC LOFT re-opened for Table Tennis MATCHES

The CSSC table tennis loft will be open for BDTTA League Matches on four tables (1,2, 5 & 6), with effect from Monday19th October 2020 under certain controlled conditions which MUST be followed.

Failure to follow these rules and guidelines could result in a personal temporary / permanent ban, or even the loft closing again.

You must take responsibility for your own safety and ensure that you do not put anyone else at risk.

IMPORTANT. If you or any members of your household are showing coronavirus symptoms, have tested positive for coronavirus or are self-isolating, you must stay home and NOT use our facilities. If you test positive or are told to self-isolate after visiting the club, you MUST contact the club (tel. 0117 9514259) or Terry Toghill on 07505104454 for contact tracing purposes.


You must wear a mask at all times when you are on CSSC club premises, except when you are seated or actually playing table tennis in the loft. This includes going to the toilet or bar.

Scan the NHS Covid tracker QR code to the right of the entrance to the bar.

A social distance of 2 metres must be maintained between persons within the entire club. This includes the loft area.

Use hand sanitiser on entering the club and wash your hands after using the toilet facilities.

All players in matches MUST sign the register in the loft (for contact tracing if needed).

PLEASE NOTE: When you play a league match at the CSSC you are agreeing to the guidance and rules shown in this letter.

Guidelines and Conditions.

It is essential that all players follow the guidance below to minimise the risk of a player contracting Covid 19 and the loft having to be closed down and any players who have come into contact with this person having to self-isolate.


ALL matches must be completed by 10pm. Unfinished games will be forfeited by the home team.
Two tables are available for each match. Start using both tables immediately. You will need to score yourselves.
Keep doors open at either end of the hall. Close them and clean the handles at 10pm.
Open the skylight at the top of the stairwell and close it after the matches are completed.
Each player must stay at one end of the match table only.
BEFORE PLAYING a match, each player should clean the table at their end with the disinfectant spray and dry with the blue tissues provided.
Latex gloves may be worn and must be discarded safely in the bins provided.
Discard any used masks, tissues, bottles, or other rubbish in the bins provided.
Hand sanitiser should be used before playing and whenever necessary.
Wipe with disinfectant wipes all surfaces which you touch including door handles.
Use one ball but wipe with disinfectant wipes occasionally.
Players should ensure that they carry out appropriate warm up and cool down procedures as part of their table tennis sessions.
Do not put kit such as towels, bottles, bat cases / bats, bags or anything else on the small tables used for disinfectant kit or on the chairs.
Do not use spit to clean the ball or your bat; use disinfectant wipes.
Do not breathe on the ball or your bat.
Do not wipe your hand on the table.
Do not have physical contact with handshaking or slapping hands,bumping fists etc.
Do not share equipment.
Do not move the barriers.
Do not socialise with other players either before, during or after the match unless you observe the two metre social distance rule.


It is essential that all players follow the guidance above to minimise the risk of a player contracting Covid 19 and the loft having to be closed down and any players who have come into contact with this person having to self-isolate : -

Hopefully if we all follow these guidelines the risks will be minimised as we start playing table tennis again.Please ring me if you have any questions or queries.

FINALLY: The CSSC club needs your financial support to keep going. Please consider buying any drinks, including drinks for upstairs, or goods from the bar which closes at 10pm.

Terry Toghill Tel. 07505104454 09.10.2020

Team Name League Captain
C S Cavaliers Senior Winter 2021 - 22
Hannah Luckhurst
C S Commandos Senior Winter 2021 - 22
Duncan Jones
07732 314676
C S Fusiliers Senior Winter 2021 - 22
Nuno Moura
C S Gladiators Senior Winter 2021 - 22
Vasily Pribylov
C S Pirates Senior Winter 2021 - 22
Kenneth Simmons
C S Saracens Senior Winter 2021 - 22
Zack Moss
C S Saxons Senior Winter 2021 - 22
Richard Cable
C S Spartans Senior Winter 2021 - 22
Mark Kinlocke
C S Trojans Senior Winter 2021 - 22
Robert Dixon
C S Vigilanties Senior Winter 2021 - 22
John Bedwell
C S Vikings Senior Winter 2021 - 22
Terry Toghill
C S Warriors Senior Winter 2021 - 22
Mark Kinlocke
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