Bristol Closed ()
Bs Closed 16/17 Singles Winner. J Ratajczak
Bs Closed 16/17   Mixed Doubles winners A Kent & E Standing
Bs Closed 16/17   Ken Watts Memorial Trophy Winner  D Combe
Bs Closed 16/17   3-5 Singles Winner. J Vaughan (1)
2017 BS Closed Vets Doubles Winners E Rose & M Gunn
16/17 Bs Closed Open Doubles Winners  D Cundy & M Farrow
16/17 BS Closed Div 3-5 Doubles Winners  M George &   D Coombe
16/17 BS Closed Div 1-2 Doubles Winners. J Elsbury & I Maggs
16/17 BS Closed  Div 6-7 Doubles Winners. D Goacher & A Paisey
Bristol Closed Div 6-7 Doubles Runner up
Bristol Closed 2014 Singles Winner
Bristol Closed 2014 Singles Runner up
Bristol Closed 2014 Veterans Final
Bristol Closed 2014 Div 6-7 Doubles Winners
Veteran Doubles Winner Emma Rose 2016
Open Doubles Anthony Kent and Dave Reeves Winners 2016
Michele Reeves Ladies Singles winner 2015
Ladies Singles Winner Emily Standing 2016
Emma Rose Mixed doubles winner 2016
Bs Closed Winners 2016
Bs Closed Winners 2016 (2)
Dave and Michele Reeves
Dave Reeves with June Watts
Michele Reeves with June Watts
Louis Price and Gregory Small
Thibaud Metral and Louis Price
BS Closed 2014 U14 Boys Winner Gregory Small
BS Closed 2014 Chris Satchell Winner Junior Boys
BS Closed 2014 Over 55's Winner
BS Closed 2014  Open Doubles Winners   Paul Hooper & Dave Reeves
BS Closed 2014 Ladies Singles  Winner            Emily Standing
BS Closed 2014 Winner Dean Cundy
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