Results Entry

A summary of the results entry status.

We still have 3 outstanding results to be entered from the second week. Results for Almonds Wales are only available on TT365 at present. 

Both systems are available for results entry. We do not require the results to be entered twice but it will not be a problem for us if they are entered on both. If results are entered on one system there will be a delay until they appear on the other. We understand there is a new version of the TT Leagues App for results entry but do not know if it is implemented. Most players who used the App liked it but last season people had trouble with scores entry on TT Leagues and we had well over a hundred queries. If people find problems with TT Leagues then TT365 is now an alternative.

The result entry leads to additional work to keep the 2 systems in line and we are working out how best to handle this. After 2 weeks of results we have noticed a substantial reduction in people sending us scoresheet images due to system problems compared to last season so the overall impact on our workload has been neutral.

Results entered on TT Leagues via the App require approval by us after submission because we cannot set the App for automatic approval.

Results entered via the browser on TT Leagues have approval enabled. There is a button that will be at the bottom of the screen to allow approval once the scores have been submitted. However we notice that some results which are entered via the browser are not approved so some people may not have noticed how to do this.

There is a known problem with the TT Leagues App where people start to enter but are unable to complete the scores entry. This has already happened three times since the 19th October. Our preference is that the match is then submitted on TT365 and we are able to use that entry to complete the TT leagues entry. Sending images of the scores to us is a hassle both for the person entering scores and to us which just adds to the workload of everybody.

We have had 2 results entered via TT365 where a player was not appearing in the results pick list on TT Leagues despite being registered and set up correctly. We had to delete and reassign the player from and to the team to fix this.

Most of the time if a player does not appear in the picklist it is because we have either not set them up correctly (our fault for a couple of results) or most likely because they have not completed the correct TTE registration on Sport80. Players have to be linked to both the league and the club for which they are playing on Sport80. If a player is not linked to the league on Sport80 then we are not able to set them up and this requires us phoning TTE if the player will not do it themselves. A player may have paid their TTE registration but if they are not linked to the Bristol League then they do not appear in the pick list.

There is a problem with TT Leagues which just impacts the Almonds Wales team at present. Welsh players who have a Home Countries registration will not appear in the pick list. The problem was reported and will hopefully be fixed in the next TT Leagues release. 

Logon to TT Leagues using Internet Explorer has not been working since May of this year so people with an old computer and no phone for the app may need to use TT365. 

There is also an issue with TT Leagues when using Firefox where the browser results entry screen is different. It is possible to use this screen but it works differently and is easy to run into problems.

Results submitted via TT365 are automatically approved following submission. For lap top users it may be necessary to adjust the zoom entry in their browser to get the layout to display correctly.

There will be no doubles this season. The scores entry on both systems has been modified to exclude doubles.


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