Mordecai Cup Draw Round of 64 Draw

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Mordecai Cup Round of 64 Draw. To be played W/c Monday 24 October. First named team is home team and to confirm the tie usually on their normal home night.

Portishead Sea Rovers v Portishead Anchors,

Civil Service Buccaneers v Portishead clippers,

St Paul’s Pikes withdrawn v Failand C.

Fromeside. D v HCC. C.

Nailsea Leopards v SGS Pegasus,

Civil service Gladiators v Fromeside C,

Page Ripper’s v Westbury Coyotes,

Civil Service Saracens v Civil Service Vikings.

Bristol Club B v Nailsea Civets.

Almonds C v Bristol Club E withdrawn

Failand E v K and B B.

K and B C v. Civil Service Fusiliers,

St George Cross v Bitton Locos.

SGS Hercules v HCC. F,

Saint George Bandits v HCC ,D.

Civil service Vigilantes v Portishead Pirates

Fromeside B v Nailsea Ocelots,

Portishead Stingrays v Bristol Club D,

Portishead Steamers v Page Editors,

Portishead Swordfish v Portishead Dolphins,

HCC G. V Saint George Crusaders ,

Civil Service Spartans v AVPol B ,

Civil Service Saxons V St Paul’s Piranhas,

Bitton Engines v Millpool Musketeers,

Civil Service Commandos v Saint George Legends,

Civil Service Trojans v Westbury foxes ,

Westbury Jackals v Westbury Wolves ,

Saint George Hero’s v Saint George Knights,

Page News. V Nailsea Tigers ,

SGS Olympus v AVPol A ,

Almonds A v Civil Service Cavaliers.

Saint George Chargers v Portishead Destroyers.

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Many Thanks Good luck to all Dave G.

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