TTE Registration on Sport80
To play in the Bristol League each player must have a valid TTE Registration in one of the paid "Compete" categories. 

Players who register using the free "Club Play" or "Supporter" categories do not have a valid registration to play.

Welsh players should arrange a "Reciprocal Home Countries Player" affiliation via Table Tennis Wales.

Each player needs to link themselves to the Bristol Table Tennis League on Sport80 to play in the league. Unfortunately most new players fail to do so. It makes set up much more straight forward if players do this themselves when they register on Sport80.

If a player is linked to a club affiliated to the Bristol League then we should have access to their details. We will eventually add them to the Bristol League ourselves though this adds to our workload.

Some players fail to link themselves to either the league or club. As a result we do not have access to their information and they will appear to us as unregistered.

Last season we had several players who did not renew their existing registration and instead created a new TTE  registration. We recommend that players do not do this because this creates problems and adds to the workload. If they inadvertently do create a new registration then it is crucial they link to the Bristol League and affiliated club. If they do not then we will be working with the previous registration which will have lapsed.
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