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From:  Rick Jemmott - LRCM for Bristol


I thought I would try to highlight one or two key news items from the Table Tennis England website that I think may be of interest or have some connection to the Bristol League.  The plan is to do this throughout the season.  At some point during the season, I’ll seek some feedback on how useful this is.


Taking a look back at August that began with the Commonwealth Games continuing in Birmingham and up to date, I’d like to highlight a couple of items.


Reminder Of Approved Balls for Leagues  (link to the TTE News article)


Some changes to the equipment approved lists, in particular the Xushaofa 40+ 3* ball, which has been purchased by the league in recent years.  The league is aware of this ball being removed from the approved list, and have selected an alternative ball to supply to clubs at the September General meeting.


If you have any remaining supplies of these balls, please be aware that they are no longer on the ITTF Approved list.  If you haven’t ordered balls via the Bristol League and wish to purchase supplies of alternative balls there is a link to the ITTF list of approved balls and to a TTE web page providing links to a fair number of UK suppliers.


Bayley looking to regain World number one ranking in Finland (link to the TTE News article)


Will Bailey is partly a product of the SGS Table Tennis Academy based at the WISE campus in Filton.  During his time at the college, he played in the Bristol League in the premier division, also competed in the Bristol Closed Championships.  He’s aiming to regain his Para World No. 1 status in his upcoming trip to the Finland Para Open.  The article highlights the other British Para competitors also heading to the competition.  Let’s wish Will and the rest of the team good luck for the competition.


Yours in Sport,


Rick Jemmott

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