Player Of The Match > How it works

Each match card can have a player of the match selected.

The player can be selected by the administrator entering the score, based on a selection marked on the match card, if your league supports this; or

The administrator can select a player based on their opinion of the match result, when this happens the computer automatically makes a suggestion for player of the match based on the following calculation:

  • Sets For
    (the number of sets the player wins in the whole match)
  • if tied on the above, then by the least games against
    (the number of games (ends, rubbers) against, in the whole match)
  • if tied on the above, then by the biggest points difference
    (the difference in the number of points for and against, in the whole match)
  • if tied on the above, then by the most games for
    (the number of games (ends, rubbers) for, in the whole match)

Note: Doubles matches are not counted in these calculations.

Player of the match > Winter 2018-19 > Premier Division
Player Team Played
Liam Squirrell Thorpe Bay B 10
Chris Ballard Hockley B 8
Paul Sayer Thorpe Bay A 8
Kevin Read Rawreth A 7
Keith Adams Hullbridge B 7
Minda Sinkus Rawreth A 6
Matt Spero Rawreth B 6
Kieran Skeggs Thorpe Bay B 6
Steve Tilson Rawreth A 6
Simon Jacob Brand Identity A 6
Mark Rudland Warehouse B - Bluehouse 5
Duncan Taylor Rayleigh Mill 5
Reece Seddon Hullbridge A 4
John Poysden Thorpe Bay A 4
Peter Radford Rayleigh Mill 4
Mark Stones Thorpe Bay A 4
Dave Bowles Hullbridge A 4
Norbert Fullerton Hullbridge B 3
Colin Chatfield Rayleigh Mill 3
Keiran Lally Hullbridge B 3
Martin Turner Warehouse A - Bluehouse 3
Rahul Sharma Stanford Le Hope A 3
Eric Green Rawreth B 3
Daniel Zeffie Hullbridge C 3
Stuart Gibbs Hullbridge A 3
Matthew Stringer Hockley A 3
Simon Rudland Warehouse B - Bluehouse 2
Harry Keys Hullbridge C 2
Sam Lowman Rayleigh Mill 2
Richard Jackman Brand Identity A 2
Richard Brown Hullbridge A 2
Kim Shead Warehouse A - Bluehouse 2
Daniel Young Hullbridge C 2
Alex Abbott Thorpe Bay A 2
Kevin Caldon Hullbridge A 2
Charles Sweeny Rawreth A 2
Gary Young Hullbridge C 2
Bruce Kettle Rawreth B 2
Deborah Auvache Hullbridge B 1
Ben Warner Rawreth A 1
Babul McLeod Rawreth B 1
Hamish Innes Hadleigh Forum A 1
David Bassett Hadleigh Forum A 1
Gurjit Bhambra Thorpe Bay B 1
Mike Hayes Rawreth B 1
Paul Whatton Thorpe Bay A 1
Paul Brown Hullbridge B 1
Ian Wall Hockley A 1
Harry Small Warehouse B - Bluehouse 1
Reagan Nettleingham Thorpe Bay B 1
Zayd Mauthoor Rawreth A 1
Django Fung Hullbridge B 1
Barrie Delf Brand Identity A 1
Joe Kennedy Thorpe Bay A 1
Tony Halling Rawreth A 1
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Player of the match > Winter 2018-19 > Division 2
Player Team Played
Brian Spencer Stanford Le Hope B 9
Dmitry Kisil Runnymede 8
Mark Everard Hadleigh Forum C 8
Paul Fawell Hadleigh Forum C 7
Saurabh Mohal Warehouse C 7
Stewart Mills Wakering 6
David Chenery Hockley D 6
Botond Mezo Rawreth F 6
Chris Nunn Rawreth E 5
Toby Zeffie Hullbridge F 5
Andrew Deadman Rawreth G 5
Neil Daines Invicta B 4
Jonathan Allen Warehouse C 4
George Davis Rawreth G 4
Adrian Armstrong Stanford Le Hope B 4
Paul England Wakering 4
David Barnes Invicta B 3
Joanna Hills Canvey C 3
Anthony Mace Hadleigh Forum C 3
Desmond Duffield Canvey B 3
Jenne Seibolt Brand Identity C 3
Andrew Humphris Invicta B 3
Zac England Wakering 3
Tony Westwell Canvey B 3
Jan Thorpe Rawreth E 3
Keith Willett Hadleigh Forum C 3
Chris Crooks Stanford Le Hope B 2
Paul Strutt Hockley D 2
Gary Linzell Hockley D 2
Barrie Murphy Invicta B 2
Tamas Mezo Warehouse C 2
Robert Wood Rawreth G 2
Joseph Buscombe Hullbridge F 2
Russell Bright Stanford Le Hope B 2
Lee McGonagle Canvey B 1
Anne Adlington Runnymede 1
Talbot Wiseman Canvey B 1
David Cross Hockley D 1
Kelly Yuenyongpknan Brand Identity C 1
Stuart Curham Canvey C 1
Benjamin Hoskins Hullbridge F 1
Barry Edgar Runnymede 1
Brian Bissenden Hockley D 1
Keanan Ford Rawreth F 1
Anthony Molisso Canvey C 1
John Handscombe Stanford Le Hope B 1
Conrad Gomes Warehouse C 1
Robert Platt Brand Identity C 1
Richard Riebold Brand Identity C 1
Graham Farmer Hadleigh Forum C 1
Bradley Nunn Rawreth E 1
Anthony Coeshall Runnymede 1
Aaryan Vatsa Hockley G 1
Satwant Gill Hadleigh Forum C 1
Steve Robinson Canvey C 1
Keith Fordham Wakering 1
Tina Hutchinson Runnymede 1
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