Award Regulations

Rosebery/Pope & Smith Award

1.The Award, which shall be known as the "Rosebery/Pope & Smith Award", will be made annually in recognition of service to table tennis in Chelmsford during the current season. 
2.The Award shall be administered by a Board of Trustees, consisting of two permanent members and a member appointed annually by the Management Committee of the Chelmsford & District Table Tennis League.
3.The permanent members shall be Mr N I Smith and Mr S. Kerns
4.In the event of a vacancy arising in the number of permanent members of the Board, this vacancy will be filled by the Management Committee.
5.The non-permanent member of the Board shall be appointed annually by the Management Committee  of the C&DTTL not later than the second meeting after the League General Meeting.
6.The non-permanent member of the Board shall be appointed for a period of one year and no member shall be eligible to serve on the Board as the non-permanent member in two consecutive years.
7.During the month of February in each year, nominations for the Award may be submitted to the Board by any member of the League or by any Club in membership of the League.
8.Any nominations made shall be submitted in writing to the General Secretary of the League (marked "Private - Rosebery/Pope & Smith Award") and shall give reasons for the nomination.
9.The Board shall not be bound to make the Award of necessity to a person nominated to them in accordance with the preceding articles, as the Award is solely at the discretion of the Board.
10.These regulations can only be altered by joint agreement of the Board of Trustees and the Management Committee of the C&DTTL.
11.On all points not covered by these regulations, the decision of Trustees shall be final.


The Charlie Wheeler Award

1.The Award, which shall be known as the "Charlie Wheeler Award", is to be presented annually. 
2.It is only to be made to a Junior player entered and participating in the Chelmsford Closed Championships unless, in exceptional circumstances, the Management Committee considers otherwise.
3.It is to be made to the player who, in the opinion of the League Management Committee, has improved or achieved the most impressive standards of results in the Championships, having regards to their known ability, without necessarily winning any trophies. Account will also be taken of the standard of conduct and behaviour of the player.
4.The Junior Match Secretary, Competitions Secretary and the Divisional Secretary shall submit all relevant information to the League Management Committee to enable it to reach a decision.  In the event of more than one player being nominated a series of declining votes is to be taken by the Committee at the next available Management Committee meeting and the result to be determined on simple majority of all eligible members attending and taking part.
5.The Chairman is to take no part in the voting except when a casting vote is required in the event of a tie.


The Hill Dowsett Junior Award

1.The Award, which shall be known as the "Hill Dowsett Junior Award", is to be presented annually. 
2.The Trophy is to be awarded to the Junior player who has the highest match percentage throughout the league season provided he or she has played a minimum of 80% of his/her team fixtures.  Members of the CLICK league are not to be considered for this Award.  If two or more players have the same average then the trophy shall be held jointly by these players.
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