The Youth Division matches take place on a Friday Evening 7:30pm-9:30pm, every week between September and March/April (The table tennis season) at Bluecoat School, Sonning.

Directions: from Cemetery Junction take A4 to roundabout at top of Shepherds Hill, continue across railway bridge and take first left into Sonning Lane (B446). Bluecoat School is on the left opposite Berks County Sports Club. Table tennis is held in the Gym adjacent to the car park.

Organiser: Wendy Porter

Divisional Fixture Secretary:  Emma Barraclough

additional announcements for 2018-2019 season


Go to Mo Cook, Rayaan Asghar and Joe Barraclough, who on their respective age categories in the Individual Schools Championships played on Sunday 27th January 2019



JCYD 2018/2019

After the Christmas break, we have now returned to play in 2 Divisions

Some players have swapped teams so they are playing at the correct standard.

We have 5 teams in each of the divisions, so there will be a spare team each week.  If teams are short, players from the spare teams will fill in.  If they are not required, they will have a practice/training session.


Grouping Tournament

Below are the knock out results of this years grouping tournament 

To check the group results 0 GROUPING TOURNAMENT 2018.xlsx 
1st  1AHarry Bullock8117    GROUP 1 MAIN
2nd  1BAlex Eaton  W/D11311Harry Bullock61211Harry Bullock
1st  1BRajat Sawant11811Rajat Sawant11103 
2nd  1ARyan Griffiths6114     
1st  2AMo Cook1111     GROUP 2 MAIN
2nd  2BTommy Woodward76 Mo Cook1211 Mo Cook
1st  2BAdrian Mitchell1311 Adrian Mitchell102  
2nd  2ATejas Mungale112      
1st  3AJosh Sandland1111     GROUP 3 MAIN
2nd  3BAdytia Mali49 Josh Sandland1168Om Gore
1st  3BHolly Ranson99 Om Gore71111 
2nd  3AOm Gore1111      
3rd  1AArran Reeves1111     GROUP 1 CONSOLATION
4th  1BJames Cunningham64 Arran Reeves1211 Arran Reeves
3rd  1BRudresh Desai11107Rishika Desai107  
4th  1ARishika Desai71211     
3rd  2ARia Gore91110    GROUP 2 CONSOLATION
4th  2BYuvam Mittal11612Yuvam Mittal78 Prakhar Gandhi
3rd  2BPrakhar Gandhi   Prakhar Gandhi1111  
4th  2ABYE        
3rd  3AVibha Mali       GROUP 3 CONSOLATION
4th  3BBye   Vibha Mali9116Harry Harper
3rd  3BHarry Harper11811Harry Harper11511 
4th  3AEmma Ranson7117     

The season begins on Friday 14th September 2018 and will run until the beginning of April 2019

Click here - to view & download the 2018-19 Registration form and Rules & Responsibilities note.

The first session on 14th September will be a meet and greet session, where players and parents will have the opportunity to get to know each other and we will be able to form the teams and complete admin.


Youth Division Format

Players are in teams of at least 3 players and play matches against other teams each week.  They will pay each of the other teams up to Christmas.

All results are entered on the website, and after Christmas they are split into 2 divisions. where they play each of the teams in their division twice.
The winners and runners up of each division then get trophies at the Reading Awards ceremony (usually in may)

We have 2 parties - one at Christmas and one at the end of the season.

During the season we hold 2 competitions;

1 - The Grouping Tournament - there are 3 age groups for this and they play round robins, then knock outs, with the finals being played at the Christmas Party.

2 - The Alan Dines Memorial Handicap Competition -  (in memory of my predecessor) where players are given a handicap, worked out by their % in the league.

Fun Nights happen on occasions where parents are invited along to play doubles with their child/ren before being separated and competing against them.  We then play beat the champion which is an individual points game and quite popular.

The aim of the youth Division is to teach the players team play, commitment, respect for their opponents, the officials, the game and themselves (the overall etiquet of table tennis) as well as being directed in their play and technique and to have fun.

From here many players are invited to play in the national cadet and Juinior teams and continue to play in the Senior league.  They may also be put forward to represent the county.

To play in the Youth Division, Players must be registered with a club which is a member of  Reading Table Tennis Association and have an up to date Table Tennis England Membership. 
There is a fee to play in the Division, which goes towards league membership and hall hire.
Donations are asked for at the parties towards the food.


JCYD 2017/2018

Welcome back to the second half of our season.

We returned on Friday 5th January 2018, with a Friendly Player and Parent Evening. 27 Players and 17 Parents joined us.

Here parents were invited to join in with the players for games of Doubles Top Table.  They start partnering their child then swap over to play with someone else, resulting in playing against their child.  After a while, we went to playing a game of "Beat the Champion", where they played single ralleys moving round the tables trying to build up points to become the champions themselves.  Much excercise and fun was had by all.



Next week, 12th January 2018, we begin the 2 divisions.  There are 6 teams in each division, so they will all play every week, challenging for the trophies at the end of the season.

On 16th February (half term week) we will hold the Alan Dines Memorial Handicap Competition.


The Season Began on friday 8th September 2017

Players are in teams of at least 3 players and play matches against other teams each week.  This year we have 11 teams, so they play each of the other 10 teams in the first half of the season (up to Christmas).       

1 - The Grouping Tournament held on 27th October with 26 players attending.  Event 1 (eldest 9 players in 1 group of 5 and 1 group of 4), Event 2 (middle 8 players in 2 groups of 4), Event 3 (youngest 9 players in 1 group of 5 and 1 group of 4).  Finals to be Staged at the Christmas Party on Friday 15th December (Parents are welcome, and encouraged to stay, watch and support on this occasion) -  Click here for this years results

2 - The Alan Dines Memorial Handicap Competition -  (in memory of my predecessor) where players are given a handicap, worked out by their % in the league.  More info nearer the time and there will be a link to the results page when the tournament is run in February.


The John Cunningham Youth Division 2016/17

The season ran from Friday 9th September 2016 to Friday 31st April 2017

JCYD 2016-2017 Season Registration Form - JCYD 2016-2017 Registration form.doc

Grouping tournamentCLICK HERE to see the results from this season's tournament.

Alan Dines Memorial Handicap Competiton - ALAN DINES MEMORIAL HANDICAP WRITE UP - ADAM MCTIERNAN.docx


READING CLOSED 2015-2016 Season

Junior weekend is 20th and 21st February 2016

Senor weekend is 13th and 14th February 2016

Please download the forms for the Reading closed from the Downloads page found in the Information drop down.

(14/11/15) Grouping Tournament

During the half term week 30/10/15, we held our group matches from the 2015 tournament.

Click the link below to see the results for the group matches

   JCYD Grouping tournament 2015.xlsx


The Finals will be staged at the Christmas Party.

(13/10/15) So we have started the 2015-2016 Season in the JCYD

And the Raiders have taken an early lead.

There has been some good table tennis played and some fun too. 

Having the chance to play the matches on 2 tables, gives us time at the end for some Beat the Champion.

As well as having Joe Barraclough there to help, we also have Jim McAllister, who is doing his school project.

They are there to give some excellent guidence to our young players, and are a big help.

(13/10/15) First session of National Junior League was last weekend (Saturday 10th October)

We had 3 teams, led by Sam Ricks, who said they all done very well.

A team  of Harry Munro, Thomas Perkins and Yonatan Slobodskoy won 2 of their 3 matches

B team of Joe Barraclough, Eddie Haines and Tom Lewis won 3 of 3

C team of Bill Hayden, Rory Walder and Tamir Slobodskoy  won 3 of 3

- full details and photos to follow

2015-16 Season

Our top players from last season have moved on to play in the Senior league this season (at a high standard) and we wish them all the best.

We also lost some players, who have given up table tennis, and some who have gone to boarding school, but we have also had some new players join and we welcome them all.

This Season we have 8 teams, who will play each other in the first half of the season leading up to Christmas.

We began on 18th September, with a meet and set up session, and followed that on 25th with a friendly "play your team" night, and fun games, so everyone could get to know each other.

We will have a catch up / training session on 23rd October, followed by our Grouping Tournament on 30th October (half term).  With the usual staged finals preceding the Christmas party on 11th December, following a catch up / training session on 4th December.

The serious matches start next week (2nd October) Good luck to everyone.

Check the fixtures and results to see how everyone is doing,

National Cadet & Junior Leagues

Many of our youth league players play for Reading in the National Cadet & Junior League.


2014-15 Season

The 2014-2015 season has finished - check out all the results and averages via the FIXTURES & RESULTS menu option, under "Archive".

2013-14 Season

Players averages are listed separately for each team they have played for.

For that reason, the link below shows the accumulative averages

   Averages for end of Divisions 2013-14 season.xlsx

What an exciting finish to the season.  Both Division titles being fought for on the final week.

Congratulations go to Spartans in Division 1, who clinched the title by 1 point over Tigers, after them having a very well fought last match.

Congratulations go to Lions in Division 2, who one by 3 points over Knights, after battling out the final games with both teams being short of regular players.

2012-13 Season

All the John Cunningham Youth Division finalists from 2012-2013 season:


John Cunningham Youth League finalists









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