TTE Membership & RDTTA Player Registration

All players must have a valid Table Tennis England Player Membership (now called Compete) or Player Licence  (now called Compete Plus) for the current season.

TTE also have new categories of membership called Supporter and Club Play - see TTE website for more details.

All players also need to be registered with the Reading & District Table Tennis Association (RDTTA) - to play in any RDTTA tournament or event, including the league.

RDTTA Player Registration

All players should register with RDTTA through their Club Secretary, who has been provided with details of how to register players for any of their teams.  Initial player registrations need to be submitted to RDTTA by Friday 27th August 2021.

By registering, each player is giving consent to the RDTTA to access their personal details, as held on their Table Tennis England and Table Tennis 365 membership records, including their contact details and date of birth.

RDTTA registration fee allows free entry to the Reading Closed Championships.

TTE Membership

All players must have a valid and relevant category of TTE membership - Compete or Compete Plus for the 2021/22 season, before playing any League fixtures, otherwise they will be uninsured and may therefore be personally liable.

- CLICK HERE here to access TTE Membership

Alternatively, you can phone TTE on 01908 208860.

TT365 Player records

RDTTA has decided to continue to use the TT365 software for League Management; for production of team fixtures, results entry and the RDTTA public website.

To enable this to function it will be necessary for all players to also maintain their details on the TT365 membership system. (Note: this is in addition to your TTE membership record.)

The Club Secretary and Team Captain contact details displayed on the RDTTA website are also taken from the individual's TT365 record, so it is essential these are maintained.

Players who were registered with RDTTA for the 2019/20 season can login to TT365 as they always have done and need only amend their record if they change their email address (to ensure receipt of emails from RDTTA).

If you were registered with RDTTA in an earlier season, could you please check your TT365 membership record still exists and, if not, create a new record.

All new players are asked to create a new record with TT365.

- CLICK HERE to create a record on TT365


1 - you should enter / use your TTE membership number, if possible

2 - you do not need to pay the TT365 subscription fee (there is none)

If you have any queries on this, please email them to



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