Senior Divisions 2018/19

The league structure for the coming season was approved by the RDTTA Management Committee on 2nd August 2018.

We have a new Club, Kennet Valley Free Church TTC who have entered 2 teams. Unfortunately we have also lost one Club since last season, Saiyan Brothers - although their remaining players have moved to Milestone where they form a distinct team.

A number of the remaining clubs entered less teams than previously, so we have a total of 48 teams for the coming season, 4 less than last season. 

After considering various options, it has been decided to have 4 divisions of 12 teams. (SEE NOTE BELOW)

- click on the following file to see all the team placings

  RDTTA League Structure 2018-19.pdf

Although it may appear that a number of teams have been placed in a higher division than expected, in reality the majority of teams in each division are of a similar standard.

The details of all teams, their home nights and team captains for each of the 4 Senior Divisions, as it will appear in the RDTTA Handbook, are shown in the following pdf files. 

  Division 1 Teams 2018-19.pdf  - Amended 19/09/2018

  Division 2 Teams 2018-19.pdf -  Amended 05/12/2018

  Division 3 Teams 2018-19.pdf  - Amended 09/09/2018

  Division 4 Teams 2018-19.pdfAmended 11/09/2018


Reminder: the new season starts on the week beginning 17th September 2018.

The fixtures for all teams are now available on this website under the Menu item, FIXTURES & RESULTS. 


The RDTTA Committee had a major challenge to resolve the league structure for next season, due to a the loss of several teams and some clubs losing a number of their players. This has meant a reduction in the number of Divisions and a large number of teams being placed in what appears to be a higher division - but in reality they are mostly amongst teams of a similar level of standard.

The league structure also has to take account of Clubs that need some of their teams to alternate or share home nights, which adds a level of difficulty when trying to place teams. This not only restricts teams' positions within a Division but can prevent a team from being located at the level they have requested.

A breakdown of the options considered and further detail about the structure being put in place has been provided to all Club Secretaries.





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