Team Handicap

2016/17 Tournament

Winners of the trophy are Our Lady of Peace 'E' who defeated Reading FC 'A 6-3. OLOP picked up all of the sets that went to three games, most notably the 21-19, 23-25, 21-19 victory from player of the match Dave Holt,  over Reading's Jazz Dhillon. More match details to be posted on this weeks Press Release.


Milestone 'A'                                      2-7   Our Lady of Peace 'E'                              

Milestone 'B'                                    4-5   Reading FC 'A'

Quarter Finals:

Our Lady of Peace 'E'                       5-4  Pangbourne 'B'                                   

Sonning Common & Peppard 'D'   2-5  Milestone 'A'

Sonning Common & Peppard 'C'   2-7  Reading FC 'A'

Milestone 'B'                                     7-2  Reading FC 'B'


Second Round matches:

Our Lady of Peace E                       5-4   Tidmarsh C

Pangbourne B                                 6-3   Kingfisher L                                    

Curzon C                                          3-6  Sonning Common & Peppard D

Kingfisher E                            w/o 0-9  Milestone A

Kingfisher J                                      2-7  Reading fc A

Tidmarsh D                                     4-5   Sonning Common & Peppard C

Milestone B                                     7-2   Kingfisher G

Milestone C                                     2-7   Reading fc B


First Round  Matches:

Our Lady of Peace E                       9-0   Reading fc C

Sonning Common & Peppard A   2-7   Tidmarsh C

Pangbourne B                                 5-4   Kingfisher H 

Kingfisher L                                      6-3   Curzon A

Sonning Sports B                            4-5   Curzon C

Sonning Common & Peppard D  7-2   Tilehurst Methodists E

Kingfisher E                            w/o 9-0   Tidmarsh B

Kingfisher I                                      3-6  Milestone A

Tidmarsh A                                      3-6   Reading fc A

Springfield C                                    3-6   Sonning Common & Peppard C

Milestone B                                     5-4   Kingfisher K

Tidmarsh E                                       4-5   Kingfisher G

Reading fc B                                     7-2   Sonning Common & Peppard F

Milestone C                                      7-2   Our Lady of Peace C

Kingfisher J  have a Bye

Tidmarsh D have a Bye


2015/16 Tournament

organised by Duncan Abbott


Round 1

SC & P F 2 Curzon C 7

Kingfisher H 0 SC & P E 9

SC & P D 5 Sonning Sports B 4

Reading FC 3 Kingfisher I 6

Pangbourne WMC B 5 Springfield B 4

All matches to be played week commencing 26 October 2015


Round 2

Milestone B 6 Kingfisher E 3

Curzon C 6 SC & P B 3

Kingfisher F 0 SC & P E 9

Kingfisher G 1 Milestone C 8

SC & P D 7 Curzon A 2

Kingfisher J 4 Kingfisher I 5

SC & P C 4 Kingfisher K 5

Pangbourne WMC B 5 SC & P G 4

All matches to be played week commencing 23 November 2015


Quarter - Finals

Milestone B 6 Curzon C 3

SC&P E 7 Milestone C 2

SC&P D 7 Kingfisher I 2

Kingfisher K 4 Pangbourne WMC B 5

All matches to be played week commencing 15 February 2016



Milestone B 2 SC&P E 7

SC&P D 5 Pangbourne WMC B 4



SC&P E 5  SC&P D 4

The Team Handicap came to an enthralling climax with Sonning Common E beating their club mates Sonning Common D 5-4 at the Sonning Common club. It was a thrill a minute final with the D team taking the lead 1-0, 2-1 then 3-2 . Two wins for the E team made it 4-3 before a win for Mark Jones over Eric Walker made it 4-4. However a last gasp win for Thomas Perkins over Derek Wavell secured the win for the 'E' team.

So it's congratulations to Sonning Common E and well done to all who took part, particularly Joe Barraclough who won 3 sets for the E team.

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